Almonit extension V0.1.3 is out, welcome ENS testnet

Almonit oldest product, the dWebsites browser extension, reaches version 0.1.3. Get it here: [Firefox][Chrome, Brave, Edge, Opera].

There are many changes in this version (like always with us, right?), but two main ones to focus on:

What else? fixing, improving and one new super cute Easter egg;)

ENS testnet support

Little known fact: there are plenty of tools to use ENS-based websites, but there no tools to use ENS testnet-based websites. This may sound redundant to regular users, but developers need for product testings. Believe us. We know. We are developers.

The new version enables ENS testnet for developers in Rinkeby, Ropsten and Goerli testnets. There is a box in the main settings screen to enable it.

How does it work? It’s easiest to explain with an example.

If you make the dWebsite almonit.eth in testnet, you can access it from the address bar using the name almonit.teth. If you make the dWebsite almonit.test in testnet, you can access it from the address bar using the name almonit.testeth.

We had to invent the .teth and .testeth, since .eth is used for ENS mainnet dWebsite and .test is a real traditional TLD.

We’ll publish later this week a detailed guide for developers on how to create ENS-testnet dWebsites.

Back to the Google Extension store!

The Almonit browser extension in Google Extension store wasn’t updated in the last few months because, well, you know, Google, right? We finally solved the issues with Google, so this version, and future ones, will be available in Chromium-based browsers like Chrome and Brave.

Do you got Chrome, Brave, Edge or other Chromium based browsers? Get the extension here, you won’t regret it!

Telemetry removed

The first version of the extension included a privacy-preserving opt-in telemetry feature. Users could choose to share their surfing habits with us, and we in return deleted any personal data after including it in our general statistics.

However, with time we realized we don’t really need those telemetries. So finally they are removed in this version.

Welcome screen changed (Easter egg)

The welcome screen is the first thing users see after installing the extension.

Our previous welcome screen was about enabling telemetries, but as it is not needed anymore, we changed it to something a bit more, how to say, fun:

Random gateway improved

The default behavior of the extension is to choose new random gateways every time you restart the browser.

Turns out users were not completely happy about it! Some people never restart their browsers, so they never get new random gateway. Others expect a new random gateway to be chosen every time settings are saved.

We adjusted the default behavior to fit users expectations while adding tip tools in the settings page, explaining how to customize the extension behavior.

Minor fixes and improvements

What else? some style improvements, more stable web3.js packaging (making it easier to build the extension if you rather do that yourself instead of trusting us), bug fixes and so on and so forth.