Almonit Update January 2020

Are you an Almonit true fan? Please join us in decentralizing the web!

Designers, developers, philosophers or just nice people are all equally welcomed. Write us at: or Twitter.

In January 2019 there was no Almonit. In January 2020 there is Almonit. As far as we’re concerned it’s already a great success!

What did we do in 2019?

Almonit stubborn, consistently moving forward like a mechanical rhino, so it’s time for some project updates.

Almonit Decentralized Search Engine

  1. Remember the teaser for our decentralized search engine? There’s finally a release date for it!

Mark the date: Monday, 13th of January. The release will be accompanied by a post containing many pictures of balloons.

This is a completely decentralized search engine for Dwebsite. Searches do not communicate with us or with anyone else. It’s 100% private search engine.

There are many future plans for the search engine, though honestly, the first version is already satisfying.

  1. In the 13th of January also takes place our Warsaw Dweb Meetup. Topic of the meetup? IPFS.

Want to discuss IPFS? Try it out (bring your laptop!), or just have heated discussions regarding decentralization? Join us!

Bonus: we lunch Almonit search engine during the event. If you’ll tell us the magic word, “hocus pocus”, we’ll buy you a free drink.

  1. We’re making a decentralized search engine, so we need to be experts in “Distributed Information Retrieval”.

Are you also Distributed Information Retrieval fans? experts? curious persons? Contact us please.

Lectures and events: 36C3 and Fosdem 2020

  1. Have you heard about 36C3? It’s the annual hacker congress of Chaos Computer Club, and arguably the best event in the world.

This year we presented Almonit there in the Critical Decentralization Cluster. You can watch the lecture here, before sharing it with all your friends.

  1. In February we will be in Fosdem 2020 in Brussels. It’s the European free open-source conference. While we won’t be giving a lecture there, we will organize a Dwebsites meetup.

Stay tuned here and in our Twitter for extra details. Regardless, drop a word if you’d like to meet up for a drink. We’re social, smiley and friendly!

Almonit Browser Extension

There’s lots of fuss about our Search Engine, but we didn’t forget Almonit Browser extension. Get it here (Firefox, Chromium-based)

We keep improving the extension. The last few updates added Chromium-based browser support, mobile support, and fixing bugs related to problematic IPFS gateway.

We got lots of further idea. Adding .crypto support, swarm support, Tor integration or decentralized update of gateway list.

Our goal is turning the extension into a general “Dweb browser extension”, but every journey begins with a few small steps.